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October 0 2004 - February 3 2011

Beanie... Looking Beautiful!

I saw you advertised by a man who did not want to keep you anymore, when you were about 4 months old. You were in a wooden box half filled with dirty straw... definitely not fitting for you.  But I wanted you, and took you home as a companion for my other ferret, Pig. You were pure white with beautiful pink eyes.

When I first brought you home, you still used to bite a lot, and I knew you were not used to having much attention. Over a few weeks, you stopped biting, enjoyed being handled and you and Pig were good friends. You always had such an inquisitive nature, and seemed to be able to escape from anything. A few times you happened to wander too far from home and get lost, but I was always lucky enough to get you back.

You loved to play, and enjoyed playing in the hammock with Pig. We made a slide for you, and when you used to land on the blanket at the bottom, you used to jump around and start to chuckle, almost like you were laughing. As your back was always arched, you always looked like you were waddling when you walked... so cute!

When you were just over 1 year old, Biscuit became another friend for you, then a couple of years later... Carlo, Red and Scooter came along, and you were all family.

At Christmas, you had just turned 6 years old, a you had a strange turn, I took you to the vet and they could not find anything wrong. Although you had slowed down a bit because of your age, after that episode you were fine again for a little while.


In mid January we moved interstate, and the 5 of you flew over. Just over a week later you became lethargic and could not walk properly. The vet gave you intravenous fluids and gave us medication to give you. Nothing seemed to help. A week later I came home, and picked you up to give you a cuddle and noticed the big bruise on your stomach. The vet said you were bleeding internally.... I just wish we knew why.

He said there was nothing he could do. We had to make another difficult decision and we gave you lots of cuddles in the last few precious minutes we had with you.

I was with you and stroking your head as you peacefully went to sleep.

I hope you feel you had a good life, as you deserved nothing less. Thankyou for your companionship and love.


You will always be loved and missed so much.

Lots of Love

Mum, Dad,

Biscuit, Carlo, Red and Scooter xxxoooo

Beanie with Pig

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