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Memorial created 05-30-2011 by
Laraine Zizza
Yum Yum
March 0 2006 - May 30 2011

Yum Yum (gray bunny) & Cookie

In loving memory of our Yum Yum who we love so much. Yum Yum will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. She was a wonderful bunny who brought joy and laughter into our hearts and our home.  She cared deeply for Cookie, her companion, comforting her after both of her surgeries.  She was mischievous and playful and a bundle of pure love.  Our hearts truly ache for you.

I remember when you were so little, and you had gotten out of your cage in the back yard, and we thought we lost you, and i stared at the gate thinking you had crawled under it. I heard a noise though...crunching...maybe chewing, and I looked down to see you right by my feet eating a piece of grass.

I also remember when i found that peep one day at school, and I brought it home to play with, and I ended up putting it on your head, I truly love and miss these days.

I remember when I took you up to school to let the children meet you and give you treats.  You were so wonderful. You ate every treat you were given! 

I loved sitting on the couch with you, petting you and having you nudge my hand when I stopped petting you.  I loved giving you your pretzel treats.  You always got so excited when you would hear the rattle of a plastic bag!! 



You were our first bunny.  Because of you we learned all about bunnies.  Because of you we adopted Cookie.  And because of you we will always be a bunny family.  I miss playing with you and watching you bother the dog.


Today is Yum Yum's anniversary at the Rainbow Bridge.  We've lived this past year with memories of her that made us laugh and then, of course, cry.  We have missed her more than we ever could have imagined.  

In memory of our wonderful bunny, we adopted a three-year old bunny named Peter.  He has become a wonderful companion to Cookie and a wonderful, loving addition to our family.  But our hearts will always ache for our little gray furball.  

We love you, Yum Yum, and miss you so much.  


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