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Gayle Shull

Memorial created 10-24-2010 by
Gayle Shull
Scooter Bird
1983 - October 20 2010

Scooter Bird - Loyal faithful Friend

In loving memory of our Scooter Bird who we love so much. Scooter Bird will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


Our Scooter Bird

In loving memory of Scooter Bird..... faithful and loving friend for 27 years.  Scooter Bird came to our family from the Magnolia Bird Farm in Orange County, California.  He quickly became a friend to us all, but specifically he was Jennifer's buddy. They were always together.  Scooter Bird entertained us... and always wanted to be with us.  Scooter Bird could Tap Dance, learned to wave hello and would talk up a storm.  He said "Pretty Scooter"....  "Pretty Boy".  He would mimic our laughter... and the more you laughed at him the more he would do it.  Scooter Bird would make us laugh as he would actually wade through bowls of steaming stew... eating it..... and loved to devour steamed broccoli.  He looked so funny with his face all green with bits of the broccoli flowerettes.  He would drink out of Jennifer's drinks.  He was just one of us!!  If she'd be gone for awhile, he'd be soooo glad to see her when she came home.  He would 'wee-a-weep' and dance all over his cage.

He travelled across country on an airplane when we moved....  was once rescued from a swimming pool (when he flew outside and landed in the pool), was hit by the windshild of a passing car on another outdoor flight and rescued from high up in a tree.  Yet, he lived to be 27.  We were lucky to have him that long.  He will be long remembered and loved.  He was a special bird.   He was loving and loyal.  RIP Scooter Bird.  1983 - 2010. 

"Wee-a-weep"  old friend


Second generation friends

Scooter Bird survived into the second generation of our family.  Here is Morgan, who is nearly as old as her Mother was when we got Scooter.


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