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Memorial created 03-21-2008 by
Melissa Abalos
August 28 1993 - March 21 2008

Gina, the sister China never met

Thanks from Melissa


Betty was nice enough to add another memorial entry wishing me well.  We enjoyed the day with our family.  Gina was a riot.  Still I miss my China.  I love Gina but she is not China.  China and I bonded all these years and Gina is a typical puppy full of life, loving everybody and everything.  The fireworks remind me of rough nights where China's pupils were dilated and she'd shake with fear.  She had rough times with the 4th of July until she went deaf last year.  Poor baby.  I miss her.  Thank you Betty for you kindess.


There are some good days and some bad but it gets a little easier everyday.  I still get some love and support from my friends and the new friends that visit our memorial.  We got another Shih Tzu puppy yesterday (Gina) and all my memories of China are coming back.  I am remembering the early days instead of the last days when she struggled. 

I take comfort in knowing that this is a cycle and we are beginning again with a new baby.  It seems as if Gina was put on this Earth to help heal of our hearts from the loss of China.  She was born the day after we lost China.  It's an amazing journey the beginning, middle and end.  I thank China for all the days she gave selflessly.  She will always be remembered.


Our family is doing better despite our loss.  I feel that this website, finding others that share the same pain, and finding out that many of my friends have been touched by her sweet spirit has helped me with healing.

I cannot replace my China doll but I don't feel regret since she led a very happy and very spoiled life.  I also take comfort that she did not suffer for very long and that she is finally reunited with her father (Fuji) who was the only dog she every loved. 

The house seems a little emptier but the prospect of a new arrival be it another baby or puppy gives us something to look forward to.

I would also like to thank my 1-year-old son for keeping me on my toes, reminding me that life goes on.  Through our daily routines and outings with our loving beagle (Maggie), we are finding our focus on life again. 

We would also like to thank our friends Amy and Brandon who sent us the sweetest book on dog heaven.  It made us cry to read about how the dogs in heaven are waiting at the door for their owners and friends when they also arrive one day


Thanks to everyone for the flood of love and support.  It is amazing how many loved and knew China.  It is also nice to know that there are caring animal lovers out there to whom I could turn to during this trying time. 

Please continue to visit our memorial as I will be updating it as I find more pictures and add more short stories of our time together.


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