Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 03-21-2008 by
Melissa Abalos
August 28 1993 - March 21 2008

China (5 weeks old)


Fuji amd China (newly spayed)


China and Fuji (her dad)


China (age 7)


China (age 9)


Maggie and China with Santa


China with her baby


My Sweetheart


China (age 10)


A nice day at the beach


Devil and Angel for Halloween


China at the pool


Enjoying the shade at the dog park


Wearing her Xmas sweater


With her family


Sleeping in her favorite spot


Sleeping in the Boppy


enjoying a bully stick


trying to be happy on our last walk together


the morning of her last day


a quick nap before we head to the clinic


Our new puppy, Gina.


Gina in a truck.


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