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Memorial created 06-27-2017 by
Cheyenne Carr
November 26 2015 - June 6 2017

For my sweet baby Yeti,

I remember the day you came into our lives just like it was yesterday. This girl brought you up the stairs of our home and I could hear your crazy meow while standing up three stories high. You were so small. You were always so small. I loved you with every fiber of my being right away. Your sister didn't. I had to lock you in my room for two days with your own litter box, food, and water to make sure you didn't get eaten by her.


Right from the start you were an adventurer. You would climb all the way up the cat tree, but you were too small to get back down so you would just meow until someone came to rescue you. I remember thinking how special you were because your tiny beady eyes would stare into mine for long periods of time. You made it so simple to feel your love.


As you got older you started to connect with everyone, especially your older sister, Lily. She turned into a cat and stopped doing "kitten things" the day you came into our lives. She wouldn't play, she'd rather watch you do that. She would even share her favorite with you, tuna. She would hide upstairs when friends came over, but you would come down and love on everyone. Even people who don't like cats, loved you and felt loved.


Every night you would sleep with me and keep me warm and in good company. Every morning we would wake up together and you would make sure to run down the stairs just a little faster than me because you knew what was coming.... treats. Your favorite things in this world were treats, birds, bugs, playing outside, hair ties, and your sister. 


The one thing I treasure about you Yeti, and will miss the most, is all the laughs you brought me everyday. You brought so much light to this world and we can only hope to see your light again and again. 



 To Yeti, 


the most loyal, kind, smart, funny, and highest jumping kitty of all time,

I love you, and you are missed so much.



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