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Memorial created 04-30-2017 by
Lisa Halvorson Schneider
January 23 2006 - April 23 2017

Love you to the moon and back

In loving memory of our Lucie Llew who we love so much. Lucie Llew will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.




Yappy Halloween

 I learned from the groomer (Carolyn) that Puck Llewis had, that in August 2008, she went to a home she had given a dog to that was just left at her shop. (Lucie...was dropped off for a groom and nobody ever came to pick her up).  Carolyn searched but her owners were not found. then Carolyn and given this Schnauzer to what she THOUGHT would be a good home.  

She went to the house to give her a groom but was appauled at her condition....Lucie...was basically was confined to a small kennel and lived in a basement - with no light and filth and her only water source was toilet. Carolyn said smell was really bad with urine and feces all over....and Lucie had mats of hair to the skin.  Carolyn talked her evil person to give Lucie up ...

She did ...

Lucie was now with a groomer and she lived in her grooming shop.   Two months later Halloween fell on a weekend...Her shop was not in the best part of Minneapolis she asked me if I could dog sit for a few days....because she did not want to leave Lucie in the shop over the weekend...

Being Puck loved Halloween I thought ok, she told me a little of Lucies background and it broke my heart someone could treat anything like that.  

 Without even seeing Lucie beforehand, I picked her up just to dogsit for a few days.....

little did Ted and I know ..

that this little ball of fur....had found her FUR ever home...

and the rest is history....  





 It took a week maybe a little longer to convince Carolyn that Lucie had finally found her FUR ever home...this was taken the night we found out that she would be staying with us FUR-ever...

(I know Puck Llewis had a paw in her finding her way to me...Halloween was the only day Puck could bark and bark and bark and not get told to shush...That was his favorite day)



I kept her name Lucie but added Llew to her name.  Lucie-Llew

(Llew came from my Angel 'Puck Llewis, who went to Rainbow Bridge August 23, 2008)

Puck Llew is on here as well



Lucie settled in nicely to a comfy and cozy house.  




no more basement -





 sunshine -


mmmmm smellsmmmmmm

 smells on the breezes








 squirells AGAIN




 walks  even in 30 below weather - she liked her walks 

(she had clothes and boots for that to) 


 and toys 



a place to be silly


 and lot and lots of toys


 a chauffer


 tv (Schnauzer on Westminster)


 her very own pillow 


 and a FAMILY to call her own


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