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Memorial created 01-12-2017 by
Forest Maiden
1983 - January 6 2017

Majestic Creature




  I hope people won't get the wrong idea about this memorial. I know all to welll Tilly belonged to no one but his ocean family. He was no one's pet. I just wanted to honor him without having to do it on a Sea World page that was deleting comments they don't like. All I want is a safe harbor other than Facebook or sea world pages that are being monitored.  Just wanted something that's all about Tilikum and paying honor to him. He earned it by giving up his entire life. He only knew two years in Iceland waters with his pod. I have discovered some awesome footage on utube of people swimming with Orcas in the wild. I find footage of them in the wild is better than it could ever be seeing them in tiny tanks. Love to Tilikum and all the rest stuck in captivity. 


The eyes are the windows of the soul



 This is a photo taken recently and anyone can see how depressed and  sick he is. I'm so sorry beautiful creation that you got caught up in the nets of greedy mad  men all those years ago. J2 Granny lived to 102 . Tilikum only got one third of his life and most of it was spent in misery. I found out that last year 22 million people went to sea world and Busch Gardens. I hope they all didn't come away thinking its OK to keep dolphins in such a place. I hope......


So Sad....


 In this picture of Tilikum you see a sad site indeed because,what he is doing just hanging in the water completely still is an unnatural behaviour.  This just misery at its worst. He is broken and has just given in. Just hanging around waiting to die. This breaks my soul and for anyone on this planet to think humans have any rights over them in this way is wrong. We are to take care of this planet. These places called amusement parks remind me of the Roman's feeding people to the Lions for entertainment.  When the Orca dies they just grind it up and throw another in the tiny tank for the park goers to clap and watch the show. The show of misery. Tilikum was a beautiful creation taken from where he belonged and turned into a side show. Many are still in captivity and will never know freedom. It breaks me the way Tilikum was broken. I love you Tilly.


The Medical Pool


 This is where Tilikum spent long days and nights in this pool both before and after he killed Dawn his "trainer".  He spent more time in there after her death for sure. When footage started to come out by park visitors and by drone footage that Tilly was just stuck in that tiny pool  sea world started giving him toys to play with. Can you imagine? A 12,000 pound male bull orca being kept in the most inhumane conditions for any animal. These are self aware highly intelligent sentinel beings just like us. There has never been a recorded death in the wild involving an orca and a human. People swim with these majestic creatures in the ocean and never have they attacked. They are social and very family oriented. If left alone Tilikum would be still are his mother's side. Perhaps even his grandmother. Sea World would tell you Tilly lived a long life when in the wild he died in the prime of his short life. Males in the wild have been observed to live as long as 80. Tilikum was tortured his entire life as soon as he was lifted from his home of Iceland waters. Many of his offspring are left in tanks to suffer an unnatural existence for the sake of entertainment. Please in honor of Tilikum and his kind #dontbuyaticket. 


The Metal Gate....


 In this picture you can see how teeth are worn down from excessive chewing on the metal gates that keep him in the tiny tank called home. Their teeth are drilled out and then the orca must endure painful treatments of having those holes flushed out. Very painful for them. So glad Tilikum no longer must endure such misery. I hold you in my heart Tilly.


I see so much in his eye....


 This is a picture of Tilikum before he was drugged with anti sicotic drugs.After the death of Dawn sea world began drugging him to keep him down. You can compare the above picture to this one and you can see the difference. You can look into that eye and see the toll he has taken being forced to be where he didn't belong. I honor you Tilikum.


The eye of suffering


 Well I recently learned what will become of Tilikum. He will be on display in a museum in florida.  His skeleton will be on display. My heart is heavy and I will never understand how animals are made to suffer for reasons that never make any good sense. I came across this picture of Tilikum's eye and you can see the  broken,sadness and lonliness.His pupils are completely dilated from the anti sicotic drugs he was being given. He suffered endless hunger,sound deprivation and most of all the right to his freedom. This is a mean world filled with ignorance. Sorry you saw the worst of us Tilly. I love you.


Beautiful Dawn

 Feb.24,2017  Wanted to come here today to honor Dawn. Wishing her family comfort and peace on this fateful day for Dawn and Tilikum. I know she loved him and was blinded by that love. Rest in Peace Dawn and Tilly. 


Please sign Tilikums guest book

If you took the time to come and read about Tilikum please honor him and sign his guest book. He gave so much and got so little from Sea world when he died. One day on there site of Tilikum and only post that praised sea world for their excellent care were allowed. That is why I came here to give people who truly care about their plight a place to honor a wild orca whose life was stolen for the price of a ticket.  3,000 people have come here yet not even 50 people have signed his guest book. I'd love for this memorial to blow up to show Sea world that people know the truth. Blackfish was not a lie it is the whole truth. #tearsfortilikum #stopexploitinganimals #dontbuyaticket 


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