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Memorial created 09-9-2016 by
Susan Rotella
August 0 1999 - August 24 2016

Tabitha, Tabita, Tabertabs, Noodle, Noodleicious, Noodle in the Sun, Duchess Tabitha, and finally my little Angel Hair...  I never thought you would leave me so soon.  But I must thank you for how gracefully you did.  You came from my dad's home to mine, as Niska's pet, and quickly became one of our little family.  Everyone loved you for your sweet nature, your persistence in always being involved, your questions, your company.  I want to thank you for being our perfect little balancing act of equinimity and positivity.  I miss you so much already, and know that you are now in my heart with Niska forever and always....  Love you Noodle...


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