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Rachel C
April 8 1998 - June 26 2016

Gogo: a prince among men.

Gogo the cat, of apartment 4B in NYC, passed away on Sunday the 26th of June. He was 18 1/2 years old.
This site is a tribute to Go and the many friends from across the world who got to know and love him. Not many cats get to meet so many different people, much less get cared for and loved by them. Clearly it contributed to his very long life (92 in human years).
What happened:
He died peacefully, before pain and suffering could begin. He seemed to have a small stroke on Saturday, and the examination on Sunday revealed masses and fluid in his belly. When he looked at me after the first round of tests, it was as if he was asking me to let him go. He passed away in my arms, in a quiet and lovely place called Hearts of Chelsea.
So that was the end of the earth-bound life of Gogo the cat, the sweetest and most handsome little koala-mongoose-puppy-reindeer-monkey-sweetpea who ever lived. Please keep him in your heart, and wish his spirit well on its journey to whomever, wherever or whatever is next for it.


A proper obituary:

Gogo was a purebred Abyssinian, son of Azzuli D'Azul of Talegre and Talegre's Joia, and was named after Estragon in "Waiting for Godot." He enjoyed raw shrimp, most flavors of Fancy Feast, the occasional catnip, denim laps, and anything happening at the kitchen table. A known mouser, he was also a flipper of icky waterbugs, despite being of regal and gentle disposition. 

Go had a very well-rounded education. When he was eight he lived on a bay in the Hamptons for a whole summer, going outdoors for the first time ever and learning many things about the natural world. In 2007 he began his international education, hosting 177 guests hailing from five different continents, and quickly became conversant in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Swedish and Portuguese. In his later days he became an intrepid explorer, often making expeditions through the intimate hallways and stairwells of the building, searching for strong smells or shafts of sunlight. He ruled the roost and became the building's de facto feline mascot.
In his last few golden years he became a proficient napper, often clocking in at 12 hours a day. He could most often be seen napping on top of four or more pillows in the middle of the bed, but his second favorite spot was a tie between the bear rug under the desk and the cat bed on the sofa. Sometimes, if you look with your heart, he can be seen there still.


Please sign the Guestbook to pay tribute to Gogo. Any memories, stories or expressions would be much appreciated. You can also honor the memory of dear sweet Go by making a donation to North East Abyssian Rescue at


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