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Memorial created 09-13-2015 by
Cindy Andrews
August 21 2000 - September 11 2015

Waiting in my bed for a cuddle

In loving memory of my " Big Guy" Bobby, who has now joined his best buddy Rusty ( August 5th 2014 ) I was truly blessed to have had him a part of my life for 15 years.


Bobby came to me as a kitten from my mom and dad's house from a stray cat. I had just moved out into my first apartment, and was lonely and needed a buddy. He became my cuddle buddy in bed. When I started working too much, I got him a friend, Mocha, who is missing him terribly right now. Then came along Rusty, who I lost last August 2014. I take comfort knowing that he is with Rusty again, but devastated for Mocha, as he is pretty lost right now. The 3 of them were the 3 Musketeers. Bobby is now next to Rusty in my garden free to chase the birds. It's been pretty hard the past couple of days, as he was always in the bathroom when I got up from work waiting for me to shower. He always had to talk to me, or take a peek while I was showering. Always had to rub up or bite my toes as I was brushing my teeth. He made getting ready for work difficult sometimes. I know I gave him a great, loving home, and he filled my home with unconditional love. It was so sudden his passing, I just wish I could've said goodbye. I know my sweet Rusty and him are cuddling together again at the Rainbow Bridge, waiting for the day we will be together again. I love you my sweet Bobby! xoxo Mom

Cuddling with Rusty
Loved a box to play in
Mugging for the camera
Loved the fireplace
Fireplace is so pretty
Lazing by the fireplace

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