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February 5 2012 - January 16 2013


Today my Grizzly Monster died in my arms before his first birthday. Why did his life have to end so early?  

In the end the doctors told us his heart was three times the size of a normal heart. I believe it grew so BIG because it had to store the abundant amount of love from mom and dad and all the love he gave back to us.  



"I'm going to grow up and be a BIG BOY"

 Grizzly and his brother, Mr. Quigley, joined our family in April last year.  They were both about 2 months old and so small they fit in the palm of our hands.  But they didn't stay that way long. Grizzly grew the fastest and end up with the biggest pop belly. 


"Catch me if you can"

 Loving he was, but he was also our little Griz monster.  He was like Superman, faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to "climb" tall buildings with a single pullup.  He had amazing strength.  He could scale cabinet doors to get on top of dressers, bath tub, sinks, you name it, he could climb to the top in a matter of seconds. And once there, you would find him knocking down everything in his path.  And you wouldn't believe the things he could carry back to his cage; shoes, hats, even found a full bottle of bubble bath which weighed more than three times his weight.   


"A bit more on my paws please"

  Grizzly played hard, but also liked his spa treatments.  He loved having his ears caressed, tummy rubbed, and his favorite was a paw massage.  A paw massage would put him in a deep sleep in a matter of seconds.





I'm going to miss you brother....Mr. Quigley





Me too little bro...Chompers



Well now run off to Rainbow Bridge and find your brothers and sisters.  You have a lot of them waiting for you; Ranger, Shadow, Xander, Pornchai, Rolly and Indigo.  They will take good care of you.  Your dad and I love you so, so much and will be thinking about you every day until we are united again.

Love you Griz Monster


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