Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 03-21-2008 by
Melissa Abalos
August 28 1993 - March 21 2008

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08-28-2009 9:11 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

China ... stopping by to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  May your day be beautiful and filled with lots of fun and lots of goodies and spent with all your friends at Rainbow Bridge.


Melissa ... what a beautiful memorial you created for your beloved China ...

06-19-2009 6:53 PM -- By: Mommy,  From: Colorado  

Hi baby!  Just wanted to let you know I still miss you!  I watched some home videos and your were there.  I remember how young and happy you were and how different you became once you went blind.  We had a good run- 14 1/2 years!  Gina is fine but she is the total opposite of you.  She's independent and loves the outdoors.  I miss you, my little lap dog.  Maybe with age she'll slow down and take time to sit on my lap like you did so many times.  I love you!

05-31-2009 8:12 PM -- By: Betty ,  From: Moreno Valley Ca  

Hi Melissa Just to let you know that on May 18 2009 I had to put my 13 year old dog Pearl-aCocker Spaniel down. I am feeling some of your pain.

05-15-2009 10:05 AM -- By: Annette,  From: Wyalkatchem  

Dear little China what a sweet little dog, life is so hard when we lose our beloved friends, run free with my little Chloe Bear

03-27-2009 9:55 PM -- By: Betty,  From: Moreno Valley  

Hi China Your sister Gina is so cute! Sorry I missed your Birthday but Happy Birthday anyways.

02-14-2009 5:18 PM -- By: Betty ,  From: Moreno Valley Ca  

Hi China just to let you know that Im still thingking of you.

10-22-2008 6:58 PM -- By: puck llewis ,  From:  

hello china...thought i would stop by and say hi....

10-10-2008 8:55 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Melissa, i was just going through Luke's guestbook and wanted to thank all who have visited. Thankyou ever so much. little China is such a precious baby. Take care.


08-28-2008 11:21 PM -- By: wicki, Sheba's mom,  From:  

Happy birthday, beautiful China!  I hope you're having fun celebrating with your little Rainbow Bridge friends, and that they're giving you lots of stuffed animals and playing tug-of-war with you. Have a great time, cutesie.

08-28-2008 3:57 PM -- By: melanie,  From:  

Happy birthday China!  Hope you have a great day but I know you miss your Mommy as much as she misses you - and the first birthday alone is always hard! 


08-28-2008 2:58 PM -- By: Mommy,  From: Colorado  

Happy Birthday, Baby!  Remember your 13th birthday when we spent the weekend at the beach!  That was fun!  I miss you everyday.  I know you wish you could still be here but your little body couldn't take it anymore.  I'll see you in my dreams!  I love you.

08-28-2008 12:32 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi China, we'll you are a very pretty girl, here, let me help you with your party hat ... are you ready (the lights flicker)

Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREA CHINA, Happy Birthday TO YOU!

Your parents are wonderful and I lov ethe photo album your mom made for you ... very pretty indeed. We'll time to cut the cake (Luna bends her head over and points), can I have the piece on the end with the big pink flower? Her eyes open wide and China hands her the biggest piece ... thanks China (tail wagging a mile a minute), this cake is so good, Yummm. Happy Birthday China, may your days be filled with all the love you shared with your family. Luna


08-28-2008 11:37 AM -- By: Michele-Ginger's Mommy,  From: MS  


May your day be filled with all of your favorite treats, and special friends at Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Michele


08-28-2008 9:39 AM -- By: Stacy Allen,  From: Reading, PA  

China, Happy Birthday, you beautiful girl!  Have a wonderful day with all of your furry friends.

Melissa, what a beautiful memorial you made for your precious baby.  I am sure China is looking down on you and watching you try to bond with Gina.  My thoughts are with you.  Take care.

Love, Minnie's Mom, Stacy

08-02-2008 10:00 PM -- By: betty ,  From:  

I meant help with the pain. Typing error.

08-02-2008 9:58 PM -- By: Betty ,  From: Moreno Valley Ca  

Gina is beautiful. Cute little puppy. I know that she cannot take the place of China but she can keep with the pain.

07-23-2008 11:59 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Hi China,

   Just thinking of you again. Mommy, daddy and Maggie miss you so much.  Please come visit us in our dreams.  For now, I will watch your videos.


07-04-2008 5:18 PM -- By: Betty,  From: Moreno Valley  

Melissa I was just thing of you today. Hope that your heart is on the mend. Have a Happy 4th of July.

07-01-2008 6:31 PM -- By: Auntie Debbie,  From: San Leandro CA  

Hi Molissa and Jon

I am now teary eyed.  I am so sorry to here she had got her wings.   I know how hard it is and how much it hurts. She had a wonderful life!!   Jon told us this weekend.  I am sure Grandma Bev is looking out for her.  Heart felt sympathy to all of you.

Love Auntie Debbie and Uncle Clint


06-09-2008 11:13 AM -- By: Beth: Ginger's Mom,  From: Ga.  

Melissa, just thinking about you.  How is Gina?  I know China would be happy to know she has a little sister and especially glad to know that you are to hear from you.  Lots of hugs.

Beth and Ginger 

05-19-2008 11:55 PM -- By: Jackie,  From: Philadelphia  

Dear Melissa,

     Thanks so much for thinking of Littlel Guy and me, it is very much appreciated. I hope you are doing well, just looking at the pictures of China again, what an adorable little little girl. It has been so lonesome without LG, I have adopted a two year old Border Collie from a rescue shelter, I miss LG so much, I hope he will understand, this dog did not have much time left to be adopted, it was just something I had to do, she is very sweet, I think she will be happy with me, I will post her picture on the site soon, she is two and her name is Hilary.

Thanks again for thinking of us.


05-15-2008 3:31 PM -- By: Mommy,  From: Colorado  


  Please remember me always.  I miss you everyday.  Yesterday we brought home a puppy and it brings back all the memories of raising you.  Know that I am not replacing you.  Your sister Maggie is playing again.  She's been so sad.  I know she misses you too.

Love you!


04-29-2008 10:31 AM -- By: Beth: Ginger's Mom,  From: Ga.  

Hi Melissa, I just wanted to stop by and look at sweet China again.  I love her beautiful color.  She was a beautiful baby.  Melissa, you should be proud of all you did for this little one and I know she loves you...just wanted to let you know I was here.  Beth 

04-20-2008 6:50 PM -- By: Betty,  From: Moreno Valley ca  

Hi Melissa Just stopping by to take another look at China. Have a nice day.

04-17-2008 4:20 PM -- By: Lanie,  From: San Diego, CA  

She was always a cutie. I know how much she meant to you. At least you know that she's in a better place now. She was always a good dog and family member.

04-12-2008 9:16 AM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  


Hi Melissa,just dropping in to say Hello and see that sweet baby China again.She is so precious!!!!!Take care and stay strong.  Hugs

04-10-2008 3:06 AM -- By: Judy Green,  From: Flag Pond, Tennessee  

Rest your weary little head and drift off into dreams
Frolic in the sunshine and bathe in God's moonbeams
Use the stars as stepping stones to take you to your peace
The pain of life forgotten now you have found release.

Without rain a flower folds, the petals drop and die
There was no way to save you, you couldn't even cry
So we cry all the tears instead as we must let you go
To Heaven and God's garden to blossom and to grow.

The little seed is planted, you'll be watered every day
The angels will tend all your needs as in their arms you lay
Your life will be amazing now and full of wondrous things.
Rest in peace, our dear, sweet China, go fly on angels wings.


04-08-2008 1:55 PM -- By: Kathy,  From: Illinois  

What a beautiful dog. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious China. You had her as long as we had our Tippy . I hope they are playing together.

04-07-2008 1:22 AM -- By: Carole,  From: San Diego, CA  

Oh Melissa, What an adorable littl "doll". The name suits her perfectly. I offer my deepest condolences to you during this difficult time. I also have a Lhasa Apso who is 15, and looks very similar to China Doll. His name is Shabba, and we do not have much longer together. It is so hard to say good-bye. Your precious little baby is absolutely adorable, and I am so happy for you that you shared so many years. May the memories you carry in your heart bring you much comfort and peace. Rest peacefully little darling. ((HUGS))

04-05-2008 5:23 PM -- By: Jackie,  From: Philadelphia  

Dear Melissa,

     Just wanted you to know how sorry I am about China, she was so cute.

     I know it is very hard, I lost Little Guy on March 10th, sometimes it almost seems unbearable, I am sure you are going through the same thing.

     I hope they are both happy, free from all pain and maybe even enjoying each other's company.

     Take care,



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